Achieving Business Excellence, Adopting Culture of Automation, Driving Customer-Centric Business Through Shared Services And Outsourcing Innovations

Speakers Presentations

Achieving Business Excellence Using A Global Business Service Model

Claus Peter Schründer, Senior Vice President of HR Special Services, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe


Putting AI Into Practice

Baghdad Gherras, Adjunct Professor - MSc Data Analytics, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai


About the Forum

This year’s edition of Outsourcing Outlook Forum focuses on how regional businesses can thrive in ever evolving digital climate by adopting a culture of automation and collaboration with startups. The forum will highlight the importance of partnerships with startups and their role in solidifying business leadership and driving transformation of the UAE’s economy on a global scale. The Outsourcing Outlook Forum brings together the entire outsourcing value chain, including senior public and private sector representatives, BPO companies and solution providers to explore strategies to boost innovation and growth through adoption of new technologies and a value-driven customer-centric approach. The forum will focus primarily on customer-centric industries – banking, insurance, telecommunications, and travel and consumer brands. The ultimate purpose of the event is to facilitate the creation of new business partnerships that will benefit the sector and transform the Middle East into a global outsourcing hub.

Welcome Message

The global outsourcing industry is on the brink of evolution, as industry estimates predict a compound annual growth rate of 11 per cent within the business process outsourcing (BPO) market in the years between 2017 to 2023. Towards the end of that period, the industry is expected to reach a valuation of US$52 billion , which presents an incredible opportunity to those of us here in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

Not only are we one of the world’s fastest growing and evolving economies, we are also supported by a strategic geographic location that places us at the crossroads of major business capitals, such as London and Mumbai. Considering the UAE’s latest announcements of policies and initiatives that make running a business easier than ever before – including the recent decision by the UAE Cabinet to issue 10-year visas to professionals, and permitting 100 per cent foreign ownership of companies – we can expect this overall growth in the industry to make its presence felt here, as more and more businesses realise that investment in outsourcing is necessary to elevate their core products and offerings in an era of relentless digital transformation.

Another aspect to consider is the rise of start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the world. With SMEs accounting for a whopping 94 per cent of companies operating in the UAE , we can anticipate an increasing number of early-stage entrepreneurs turning to BPO services in order to lower overhead costs, while allowing them the freedom to focus on continuous improvement and invention.

With this, we are pleased to introduce this year’s edition of the Outsourcing Outlook Forum, and we look forward to seeing you there as we discuss the latest in business, automation, and innovation.

Ammar Al Malik
Managing Director
Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource City


Outsourcing & Shared Services 2019-2023 - Global, Middle East And UAE Industry Outlook
Monitor Deloitte and Dubai Outsource City closely collaborated to publish the Outsourcing and Shared Services 2019- 2023 whitepaper which will be officially launched during this session. The report assesses the current state of the OSS industry from a global, regional and local UAE perspective, and study the latest challenges, trends and opportunities associated with the transformational technologies adopted by the industry. This session will highlight the key findings of the report and offer a way forward for buyers, vendors and operators to capitalize on the opportunities that are present across the region.
Achieving Business Excellence Using A Global Business Service Model

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe successfully migrated 75% of the organisation onto a global business service model, servicing over 140,000 employees. Understand how the new service model improved process efficiency, transformed customer service, upgraded talent management practice and implemented an automation programme that delivered great savings. What elements of their business model can be successfully translated into other markets? How can other companies adopt and advance with an innovative business model? This and much more will be discussed in this international case study.


Claus Peter Schründer, Senior Vice President of HR Special Services, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe

LEVERAGING DATA: A Guide to Capturing, Storing, Analysing, Securing Data and Staying Compliant

This panel discusses the complete lifecycle of data, sharing insights and tools with OSS players who handle large amount of customers and confidential data on how to better:

  • Build data analytics capability to optimize customer experience and add business value
  • Understand when to use cloud computing, hybrid or on-premise solutions
  • Secure data and limit cyber threats
  • Address data privacy and GDPR compliance


Elizabeth De Freitas, Regional Director, Darktrace

Dino Wilkinson, Partner, Clyde & Co

Jeroen Schlosser, Managing Director Middle East, Equinix


Baghdad Gherras, Adjunct Professor - MSc Data Analytics, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai

The Workforce Of Tomorrow

This session discusses how the Middle East’s organizations can adapt their talent management strategies in the ever-evolving automation climate, overcome talent shortages, skills gap and a lack of long-term staff commitment.

Key themes to be discussed:

  • What are the implications of adopting new technologies on talent management strategies?
  • Which methods to use to upskill and reskill workforce?
  • How to keep Millennials engaged?
  • What is gamification and how it can improve employee performance?
  • Is in-house hiring better than outsourcing?
  • What flexible employment solutions can be considered?


Edwin Hage, Senior Director HR Shared Services, Jumeirah Group

Safiyah Alli, Regional Operations Director, Manpower Group Middle East

Mirhan Mandour, Managing Director, SalesARM


Ashley Boots, Head of HR Operations and Transformation & Senior Vice President, Noor Bank

Assessing the “Real” RPA Capabilities

It has been a few years since RPA gained traction across MENA and while most enterprises are still at the early stage of its implementation, many have moved from proof of concept to centres of excellence. This session discusses how Mashreq Bank have successfully implemented RPA to radically transform their operations, increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Key themes to be discussed:

  • How to maximise the capability and adaptability of RPA?
  • What to expect from RPA and how to choose the best fit vendor?
  • How to handle change management during RPA implementation?


Aditya Agarwal, Vice President Lean Transformation & Strategy, Mashreq Bank

Shared Services and Outsourcing Innovation in the Region: Multi-Stakeholders Dimension

An interactive discussion on how the region’s leading public and private companies are innovating shared services and outsourcing for end-to-end support and effective service delivery.

Key themes to be discussed:

  • Is innovation in the OSS industry all about technology?
  • Which innovation models to adopt by the shared services centers & outsourcing service providers?
  • Can Private Public Partnerships or collaboration with startups facilitate business leadership and innovation?
  • What are the success factors that OSS players should adopt to boost innovation?
  • How to manage internal changes when deciding on adopting innovative solutions?


Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director, AXS

Georgy Ovanesyan, Deputy General Manager, NNTC

Moderator: Gavin Maxwell, Managing Director MENA, EY

Putting AI Into Practice

The discussion goes beyond artificial intelligence, into ‘insightful intelligence’ that enables business leaders to have a clearer understanding of the information at hand and take better, well-informed decisions. AI now plays a major role in offering this insight-driven intelligence, by leveraging analytical science and advanced algorithms to sort, analyse, understand and apply the data for global decision makers. How to maximise on the power of AI?

Key topics:

  • Do all businesses really need AI?
  • What are the different AI/cognitive automation capabilities?
  • Where to implement AI?
  • How to prepare an organisation for AI?
  • How to put AI into practice?
  • Assessing its impact on staff and how to prepare employees to work with AI?

Lab lead:

Baghdad Gherras, Adjunct Professor - MSc Data Analytics, Rochester Institute of Technology,Dubai


Claus Peter Schründer
Senior Vice President,
HR Special Services
Deutsche Telekom AG - Services Europe

Elizabeth de Freitas
Head of Middle East
Dr. Ayoub
Managing Director
Safiyah Alli
Regional Operations Director
Mirhan Mandour
Managing Director
Gavin Maxwell
Managing Director
MENA Ernst & Young
Edwin Hage
Senior Director HR Shared Services
Jumeirah Group
Baghdad Gherras
Adjunct Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai
Aditya Agarwal
VP lean transformation and strategy

Mashreq Bank
Jeroen Schlosser
Managing Director Middle East

Dino Wilkinson
Partner, Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Clyde & Co
Ashley Boots
Head of HR Operations and Transformation & Senior Vice President

Noor Bank

About DOC

Dubai Outsourcing City is a one of its kind outsourcing hub dedicated to the growth and development of the outsourcing industry, catering to large shared service centers as well as dedicated outsourcing specialists in key business areas including HR, IT, back office and business process outsourcing as well as call centers.

DOC’s unique integrated structure allows organisations to base all outsourcing work in one centralised community, offering a specialised workforce to a variety of industries including banking, travel and tourism among others. Businesses of all size can set up within the DOC community and accesses a rich and diverse ecosystem of knowledge workers, nimble service providers, and expertise from all over the world.

Over 160 companies including major industry players such as Emirates Airlines, ADCB – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, AXA insurance and Jumeirah Group call DOC home and benefit from the wider DOC ecosystem which acts as a catalyst for business growth. Major outsourcing specialists include Dulsco, Dunia Finance and Cupola Group.